Recipe of Award-winning Leek & Potato Soup

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Leek & Potato Soup. The leek is a vegetable, a cultivar of Allium ampeloprasum, the broadleaf wild leek ( syn. The edible part of the plant is a bundle of leaf sheaths that is sometimes erroneously called a stem or stalk. Leeks are a member of the onion family, native to the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East—the biggest producers are Indonesia, Turkey, France, Republic of Korea, and Belgium.

Leek & Potato Soup Leeks taste like onions, but milder and slightly sweeter. This makes them a welcome addition to all sorts of dishes. For instance, they're commonly used in soups, casseroles, and salads. You can cook Leek & Potato Soup using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Leek & Potato Soup

When raw, leeks are crunchy and firm. When they're boiled, however, leeks become soft and even milder in flavor. leek, (Allium porrum), hardy biennial plant of the amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae), grown as a vegetable. The leek is an ancient crop and is native to eastern Mediterranean lands and the Middle East. The plant is related to the onion and has a mild, sweet, onionlike flavour.

Leek & Potato Soup step by step

Leek stalks are widely used in European soups and stews, especially as a complement to potatoes, and can be cooked. Leek, Allium ampeloprasum, also known as Allium porrum, is a biennial vegetable in the family Liliaceae, grown for its edible bulb and leaves. The plant is a slightly developed bulb attached to a cylindrical stem formed by the overlapping thick, flat leaves. The plant can produce clusters of white, pink or purple flowers and blue-black seeds in the second year. Braised, steamed, sautéed, poached, or pureed, a sturdy-looking leek cooks down to velvety sweetness.

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