How to Prepare Any-night-of-the-week Smoked Brisket Flat

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Smoked Brisket Flat. Wrap the brisket flat as tightly as possible and place back on the rack, seam side down making sure it won't unwrap. Remove the meat from the smoker. Place your gorgeous meat on a serving platter and enjoy!

Smoked Brisket Flat Rest smoked brisket flat and enjoy. Detailed steps for Traeger smoking brisket flat Smoking is the best way to cook brisket flat on your Traeger. Brisket Flat FAQs Is Brisket Flat a Good Cut? You can have Smoked Brisket Flat using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Smoked Brisket Flat

Set the whole packer brisket on the work surface with the fat side facing down. In this position, the flat will be on top of the point, with a seam of fat separating them. Cut downward into the fat seam, following the line as it curves back toward and beneath the flat. Center the Smoked Brisket Flat on the foil and bring the edges up and around.

Smoked Brisket Flat instructions

Seal the foil tight and place it back on the smoker. At this point time is out the window. Smoked Brisket Flat Print Ingredients Brisket flat Barbecue rub Binder (olive oil or yellow mustard) Spritz (apple cider vinegar or apple juice). Dry brine with kosher salt and leave several hours in refrigerator (overnight if possible) Inject with broth or marinade * Optional First, you need to identify where the flat and point are on the brisket. Lay your brisket with the fat cap down and look at the part of the brisket that starts to get thicker.

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