How to Make Super Quick Homemade Brisket Pastrami

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Brisket Pastrami. Lay brisket in a large container and cover with brine. Remove brisket from brine and rinse; discard brine. Season evenly on all sides with ground pepper.

Brisket Pastrami Alternatively you can wrap the brisket in aluminum foil. Place the meat into a large food-safe plastic, glass or non-reactive container. Pour brine over the meat to cover. You can have Brisket Pastrami using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Brisket Pastrami

If necessary, weigh the meat down with a plate and/or a zip top bag filled with water to keep the meat submerged. Cover the container and place in the fridge. Season the outside with a good dose of Pastrami Seasoning (recipe below). Place the brisket on the pit and add pecan wood to the fire for smoke (use your favorite wood if you prefer).

Brisket Pastrami instructions

Place the rubbed brisket back into the fridge, uncovered, overnight. This all goes back in the refrigerator for another day, preferably uncovered, in order to let the cure equalize. Lastly, smoke and cook the brisket until it's tender. We recommend smoking for several hours. Each slice of Boar's Head Pastrami Brisket is packed with authentic New York deli flavor Pastrami is a deli meat or cold cut made of beef.

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